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The Dachshund News — formerly the Daily Dachshund and Dog News aka the Daily Doxie — is brought to you by the same team that produces the Scottish Terrier and Dog News. We have dachshunds in the family if not the household. You can reach us via the comments or at scottishterriernews@gmail.com. We welcome your feedback and story tips.

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  1. Jenny

    **For Immediate Release** Contacts:
    Ady Schneider
    Eddie Eats Out


    October 23 – 30, 2010

    – Dog Restaurant Week is a week-long celebration of canine and human companionship by encouraging people to dine out with their dogs –

    New York, NY (October 2010) – Introducing Dog Restaurant Week, a week-long celebration of dining out with your dog. Dog-friendly restaurants, coffee shops and bars all over the US are offering discounts and treats to people who bring their dog along with them to eat during Dog Restaurant Week.

    “We (the team at Eddie Eats Out) enjoy eating out with our dogs so much that we wanted to share the experience with our readers,” said Jennifer Sunshine, the President of Eddie Eats Out. “This is why we created Dog Restaurant Week. I know so many people who want to bring their dogs out with them, but don’t know where to go.” Dog Restaurant Week provides a list of restaurants throughout the United States that are guaranteed to be dog-friendly during that week. Many of the restaurants are also offering special deals for people who bring their dogs along. Papis Texican Grill, for example, a restaurant just outside of Myrtle Beach, is offering 15% off the entire bill for anyone who brings their dog along with them during that week.

    Jennifer’s website, EddieEatsOut.com, lists dog-friendly restaurants in 24 states and allows users to write reviews of the restaurants. The site is named after her dog, Eddie, who is a self-proclaimed restaurant connoisseur and has reviewed restaurants all over New York City, New Hampshire and Maine.

    Currently, the laws for bringing dogs into restaurants vary by state, so it is not always clear to people whether or not they can bring their dogs along. EddieEatsOut.com gives the inside scoop on dog-friendly restaurants by listing whether the dogs are allowed inside, or if they must stay outside on a patio or deck, and rates the restaurants based on four criteria: Service, Food, Waterbowl and an Overall rating. Restaurants are rated on a scale of 1 – 5 “Paws”, with “5 Paws” being the best.

    Dog Restaurant Week gives people a chance to celebrate eating out with their dogs and encourages people to bring their dogs along, rather than leave them home alone.

    For more information on Dog Restaurant Week, visithttp://www.EddieEatsOut.com/dogrestaurantweek orhttp://www.facebook.com/dogrestaurantweek. Eddie will also be tweeting from the event, so follow the hashtag #drw2010 for live updates.

    About Eddie Eats Out:
    Eddie Eats Out is not your typical restaurant review website. Eddie Eats Out is a website written for dogs, by dogs, with dogs best interest in mind. Eddie, the dog & restaurant connoisseur, reviews dog-friendly restaurants in New York City and beyond and posts his reviews on the site. Users can read Eddie’s reviews, as well as post their own comments and ratings. The goal of Eddie Eats Out is to create a comprehensive database of dog-friendly restaurants so that everyone who wants to dine out with their dog knows where to go!

    Co-founders Jennifer Sunshine and Ady Schneider met as undergraduate students at Carnegie Mellon University. The duo decided to started Eddie Eats Out when Jennifer tried to go out to eat with her dog and realized that most websites that list dog-friendly restaurants are not always accurate. Jennifer is currently doing an MBA at Notre Dame University and Ady is currently living in New York City and freelancing in Marketing & PR.

  2. Diana Bramwell

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