Dachshund Rita got stuck in a hole in France

A tale of two Dachshunds in holes

Dachshund Rita got stuck in a hole in France

In France last week, a special rescue team had to be called out to save a Dachshund who got herself stuck in a deep hole. The Dachshund News has provided a summary below (For further reference, here’s the original French article and  the English translation):

Rita, a small wirehaired Dachshund, fell into a rock cavity Sunday during a hunting party to Saffres and did not emerge until four days later. Another dog found where she had disappeared. “This kind of problem is quite common in the area, but in general we can identify the animal by ourselves,” says Michel Corduant, president of the Saffres hunting company. “But Rita’s case is truly exceptional. This is the first time I have faced such a phenomenon.”

After trying several times to get the dog out on their own, the hunters called firefighters to Vitteaux Wednesday morning. But they soon realized that the place was totally inaccessible and decided to call in reinforcements from Grimp Dijon (Group recognition and intervention in dangerous situations). In total, nearly a dozen men redoubled their efforts to try to unblock the entrance of the cavity and thus to remove the animal, apparently stuck at 1.50 m depth. By supper time, they had cleared a route and finally managed to release the Dachshund. “Rita is well, just very dirty and hungry,” jokes Michael Corduant.

Daniel Martenot, Mayor of Saffres congratulated rescue teams for the hard work done to save the 10-year-old dog.

Wisconsin Dachshund rescued from holeMeanwhile in Green Bay, Wisconsin back in January, Emma, a two-year-old Dachshund also had to be saved from a hole after she got herself trapped chasing a small animal.

The Green Bay Press Gazette reported:

What might have been a simple rescue of coaxing Emma from beneath the underground rock gaps turned into a community rescue party involving a backhoe, Rollie’s Rotor Rooter, chisels, underground camera cables, a jackhammer and plenty of persuasive dog treats.

“You could see her nose and even touch her, but she was wedged in a hole with a rock preventing us from getting her out from the angle we were digging,’’ said Debbie Skubal, who also tried her luck grabbing the dog. “She was so scared, she pulled back whenever I got near her.’’

You could hear the dog occasionally whimper during the 2½-day ordeal. Also saving Emma was the mild daytime temperatures in the mid-40s and only dipping slightly at night under a persistent shoreline fog.

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