A road trip reveals clues to a rescue Dachshund’s past

Dumped by the roadside in Seattle, Bella the Dachshund now accompanies her author/owner on book tours and gets to stay at the Ritz, which seems just like home to the little wiener dog:

But now we know for sure that Bella was an apartment dog in a multi-story building. I’ve been with dogs, more specifically with two golden retrievers and a half German shepherd/half Irish wolfhound, the first time THEY met an elevator (at the Holiday Inn in Sacramento.) They went NUTS. It was a very memorable ride. Bella, looking as if she owned the place, marched across the lobby of the Ritz on her leash, stopped in front of what looked like a wall, waited until it opened, got on, turned around, waited for the wall to open again, and got off. As our grandson would say, “Easy Peasy.”) No drama.

Oh, and by the way, yesterday the concierge from the hotel showed up at our door with some tiny Milk-Bones and a pink and gray doggy coat for guess who!!

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