A note from Northwest Dachshund Rescue (Spokane)

Hero the rescue Dachshund
Our Dachshund rescue can use some help this holiday season or most any season. If you have any used dog collars and leashes, dog toys, coats and sweaters, blankets, or most anything doggy related then we are running short with donations dropping off in recent years. New and used is always fine. We do take care packages if you are downsizing your spoiled dogs collection of unused toys or leashes, etc. I like to send toys with all adoptable dogs and my toy box is now empty! ARRGGH! The dog toys need not be new, but not in pieces please. If you have some extra items then we can use them or get them to other dog rescuers in this area who can use help too. Cash donations are always welcome too at PayPal: dragoonfr@hotmail.com Thanks in advance and please have a very Merry Christmas and wonderful holiday season. Dachshund Rescue NW since 1991 and over 700 used wieners recycled. www.spokanewienerdogs.org Our currently adoptable dogs: www.drnw.petfinder.com We are still recovering from a fire that wiped out our dog rescue in October 2009 so any help is always greatly appreciated!

This is a puppy mill boy we rescued this year, Hero, in this photo. He was a challenge to get through to him, but Hero has turned into a cuddle bug with his new family. Hero is just one of 86 “recycled wieners” that we have already placed this year and counting, a new record!

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  1. Weiner (my mom is judih)

    My name is Weiner, the Damn Cute Dog and I need a friend to romp with. A wee girl would delight me. I have my own kingdom inside of a larger fenced yard up in Salida, CO.
    p.s. my mom uses a power wheelchair.

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