26 Florida Dachhunds rescued from elderly woman

The Okefenokee Humane Society near Jacksonville is now overflowing with wiener dogs:

The woman’s late husband bred dachshunds. When he died, she kept the dogs as pets. The animals weren’t spayed or neutered.

“The dogs kept breeding. They were running rampant in the house,” said Hartman, who noted the woman left open bags of dog food on the floor to feed them.

Society personnel collected 24 of the dogs Friday. Two others that initially eluded capture were rounded up Monday.

Most are from 4 to 7 years old but they do have several puppies. Those with mange are being treated for the skin disease, she said.

“They’re doing OK. But they’re a little scared because the only life they’ve ever known has been with the lady, and now they are someplace new,” she said.

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