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Midwest Dachshund Rescue Holds Annual Holiday Tree Raffle

Midwest Dachshund Rescue, which rescues and rehomes Dachshunds in Southern Wisconsin, Northwest Indiana and the Chicagoland area, is holding a holiday raffle for a handmade Dachshund ornament Christmas tree.  All proceeds go directly to help the more than 200 Dachshunds rescued each year receive quality veterinary care.

MIdwest Dachshund Rescue holiday raffle tree and ornaments

Collector's Item: Midwest Dachshund Rescue holiday raffle tree and ornaments

See close-ups at Flickr
The three-foot Christmas tree is decorated with 18 handmade one-of-a-kind Dachshund ornaments complete with handmade tree topper. Most of the ornaments are made from polymer clay in a candy/baking theme perfect for your kitchen, and include several Doxie chefs, Doxie gingerbread cookies and even a gingerbread dog house.

The tree includes 50 multicolor LED ball lights along with a string of 10 large peppermint lights, and has several strands of multicolor tiny candy garland. The peppermint candy tree skirt made of fleece and rickrack, finishes off the tree nicely. This whole ensemble is definitely one of a kind and perfect for any Doxie collector.

Tickets are 1 for $1, 12 for $10, 25 for $20, or 70 tickets for $50. You can buy by using the Paypal donate button on our homepage.  (Please indicate in the notes section that the donation is for raffle tickets.) Or mail a check to:

8073 Stonegate Dr
Tinley Park, IL 60487

Drawing to be held December 1st.  The tree can be shipped to the winner if outside the Chicagoland area.

Firefighters rescue Dachshund from hole

Patch reports on a Pennsylvania Dachshund, who go herself stuck in an eight-foot deep hole:

It was Candy’s skinny and long frame that got her in some perilous trouble on July 15.

Being a dachshund, Candy has an instilled desire to dig after creatures like groundhogs and badgers; Dachshund is in fact German for “badger hound.”

Laureen Giampa’s daughter had just let out Candy and her fatter companion outside, when she witnessed the duo chase after a groundhog.

“We had some groundhogs, apparently some very large ones that everyone in the neighborhood was talking about,” said Giampa. “I’m the only one that didn’t see them.”

The groundhog ducked into its underground burrow – and Candy followed right behind.

“Fortunately, for the other one, she’s too fat to fit in the hole,” said Giampa. “Candy is a little lean and was able to fit in and get herself stuck in there.”

Panic set in. The family members could hear Candy’s frightful cries in the hole from eight feet underground.

Here’s video:

A Dachshund’s recovery from spinal surgery

Dachshund recovering from spinal surgery

Pup the Dachshund on a post-surgery walk in April 2010

Progress! Not so Paralyzed Pup by hooeyspewer on Flickr

Pup the Dachshund lost all movement in her hind legs when she ruptured a disc. The Doxie News discovered her story on Flickr where Pup’s peeps and personal paparazzi wrote in April 2010:

Her back legs still don’t cooperate, but while walking her on a sling today in the park, she actually moved her hind legs into position and urinated without assistance or prodding on our part. She still can’t support herself on those legs for very long at all though. Yesterday marked a week after surgery. We’re very hopeful that she will regain mobility in her hind legs again.

She did indeed. Late in the summer, Pup’s peeps checked in again to offer inspiration to another Dachshund lover whose pet was facing surgery:

Our pup is almost as good as new. She walked 2.5 miles with us the other day. It was a really tough few months for us after her surgery, but we are just so grateful that she recovered so well. Best of luck to your daughter and her frenchie. I hope her pup is up and feeling better soon!

Who says now news is good news? Definitely not the Dachshund News.

Doggie Doo Dachshund toy seen as holiday bestseller

Back last month, Britain’s toy retailers association named the Doggie Doo Dachshund one of its Dream Dozen toys for the holidays. Lucky for us, here on the other side of the pond, Doggie Doo hasn’t had that much publicity in North America so it’s still available for us to scoop up.

This is one of those occasions where a video’s worth 1,000 words and two videos are worth 1,ooo-squared so let’s hit it:

Tick tock, get your Dachshund calendars and Christmas cards

Check out Amazon’s selection of fabulous Dachshund calendars and fantastic  wiener dog Christmas cards.

When you click through from this site and buy something on Amazon, the Dachshund News gets a small commission and you get a great product at no extra cost to yourself.

Thanks to everyone who’s used our links in the past. It will pay for a holiday turkey or two.

Dachshund triumphs over adversity

Dachshund triumphs over adversity

A tribute to Jackson, a true survivor

Nine-year-old Jackson the Dachshund is clearly loved by his family, who wrote up his story for London’s Daily Telegraph:

I have walked my dogs in Richmond Park for almost 40 years and, on one hot summer day, we took our usual favourite stroll. Suddenly I heard Jackson scream behind me and in horror turned to see a huge female deer attacking him. My darling dog was on the ground, not moving, whimpering as the deer reared up on hind legs ready to land on him with two hooves.

She towered above me but I screamed, waving my arms trying to stop another attack. There was no one near to help.

I dashed forward, scooped him up and ran with him, blood pouring, towards the car park. I could not believe it when I heard, behind my shoulder, this deer following me, forcing me to pick up a stick and run backwards shouting to keep her at bay.