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A Guide to Your Dachshund’s Dietary Requirements

After picking up your dachshund puppy, you should keep feeding it the food served by the breeder before slowly trying new foods to see what the puppy takes to. There are many specially formulated food brands available: Royal Canin dog food is a good example and will ensure your dachshund gets the balanced diet it requires.

What is the best food for your dachshund?

A top quality dry food is the best form of commercial dog food as it has the correct nutritional values and balance of essential vitamins and minerals for your dachshund. However, watch your dachshund closely and gauge how much it likes the food and how healthy it looks. For example, is its coat sleek or too dry? You may need to experiment with different dry foods, or occasionally add a little wet food for variety. Too much wet food should be avoided, as it can rot your dog’s teeth.

What are the correct portions for your dachshund?

Dachshund’s have a terrible habit of overeating, which can lead to excessive weight gain and ailments like heart, blood sugar and spine problems. You must be disciplined when it comes to feeding. Try to keep a regular feeding schedule and adjust the exact portions in relation to the amount of exercise your dachshund gets. Free feeding, leaving a bowl filled with food for the dog to return to and consume at will, is unsuitable for dachshunds due to their tendency to eat too much.

What if you must change your dachshund’s diet?

The key word is transition. If your dachshund looks too fat or too thin, or has skin or fur problems, you may need to change its diet. Remember to ask your vet prior to making significant changes. Altering your dachshund’s diet overnight can lead to digestive problems. Simply plan out a transition period during which time the new food can be slowly introduced.

Should you treat your dachshund?

First and foremost, chocolate is poisonous to dogs, so should never be given as a treat. Top quality commercial brands of dog biscuits are specially made to be nutritionally rich and are a good choice. However, to add variety, try pieces of raw carrot or broccoli as a treat. Dachshund’s love vegetables, which are a great source of vitamins and iron, so why not give them what they love?

Follow these basic guidelines to have a trim and healthy dachshund.

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