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Flawed Dogs by Berkeley Breathed

Dachshund book ‘Flawed Dogs’ will be made into movie

Flawed Dogs by Berkeley BreathedDreamWorks Animation has bought the rights to prize-winning cartoonist Berkeley Breathed’s book, Flawed Dogs, and plans on making it into a movie that should hit screens some time in 2014.

Flawed Dogs is the story of Sam, a Dachshund victimized by a jealous, needy show dog, who joins Sam’s family, plots against him and has him sent away. Sam must survive on the streets and find a way to get back home, which ends up involving the Westminster Dog Show ( where BTW a wiener dog has never won.)

Berkeley Breathed, best known for the cartoon strip Bloom County, wrote this book to help promote dog adoption. “All my stories are sparked by a nugget of truth hiding in plain sight,” Breathed says. “In this case, it’s that all animals dream… But only dogs dream of us.”

Here’s some insight on the inspiration for Flawed Dogs :

Read the Dachshund News’ past Oscar coverage

In honour of tonight’s Academy Awards, browse the Dachshund News’ Oscar archives where you will find both great video performances by wiener dogs and Doxies with their movie star owners including Joan Crawford.

The caption reads: “The Tone family consists of Joan, Franchot and three dachshunds. In this picture Joan has Baby, her dog, and Franchot has Bübchen, one of his own. Franchot’s other, Schmeltzy, got away.”

Don’t race Dachshunds on ice, say Doxie owners

Huntsville Havoc wiener dog logoThe Huntsville Havoc hockey team is planning on holding a wiener dog race — otherwise know as a Dachshund dash — on the ice this Saturday as they try to raise money for the Ryan Newman Foundation, which educates and encourages people to spay/neuter their pets and to adopt dogs and cats from animal shelters

However, Dachshund owners say that’s a bad idea.

Karen Borden is the president of Dixie Dachshund Rescue. She told WAAY TV:

“I think it’s a great fundraising event, wiener races. But, I was really upset with the environment that it was going to be held in.”

Borden says running the dogs on ice is dangerous because the breed is already prone to back problems. She says, “Because of the overbreeding that has gone on, many are born with the propensity to have blown discs or bad disks ort suspect disks.”

Valley residents are so upset, they have created a page on Facebook encouraging folks to boycott this weekend’s game. They say it endangers and exploits the breed. However, not everyone agrees with the boycott. Melissa Horne is a Veterinarian at the Animal Care Clinic in Huntsville. She says, “As long as they’re not having any problems and don’t have a history of problems, there shouldn’t be any reason they can’t participate.”

Smokey the Dachshund aka GCh Legibach Light My Fire is off to Westminster

Bermuda Dachshund heads to Westminster

Smokey the Dachshund aka GCh Legibach Light My Fire is off to Westminster

Smokey the Dachshund aka GCh Legibach Light My Fire will retire from the show ring and return to Bermuda after Westminster

The island’s Royal Gazette has Smoky’s story:

“He is such a curious young man and he is a happy little dog without any issues which is usually pretty rare,” said Mr Clinton. “Dachshunds are known to be fiercely independent. Smokey believes he is a labrador retriever.

“He is very happy and wants to be with everyone. That is kind of rare because they are snippy animals, normally.

“So the judges on the circuit have fallen in love with the little man. It will be interesting to see how he does at Westminster.”

The show will be televised on USA Network.

“I know other Bermudians have been at Westminster but I am sure none have gone as a grand champions,” he said.

After the show, Smokey will go back to Virginia with his handler, and then will come to live with Mr Clinton for good in March. “I have really missed the little man,” said Mr Clinton. “I haven’t seen him in over a year. He has been a fashionista on the circuit. I would love to have him here in my house in St George.

Read the full story.

Daily Dachshund photo caption contest

Kittie and puppies playing together

Kittie and puppies playing together by AceNZ, on Flickr

Click the photo or link to get the back story.

Here are Kami the Dachshund and Kittie all grown up:

The videographer writes:

Kittie (a male Bengal), grooming his friend Kami (a female miniature longhair Dachshund). There’s very little audio, but you can hear Kittie purring very briefly near the end.

They have grown up together, and are only about a month apart in age — they’re both about 3 yrs old in this video (full-grown). Kittie is a little bigger than Kami.

This is actually one of Kami’s favorite things to do; you can see how excited she was to rush into the room.

A road trip reveals clues to a rescue Dachshund’s past

Dumped by the roadside in Seattle, Bella the Dachshund now accompanies her author/owner on book tours and gets to stay at the Ritz, which seems just like home to the little wiener dog:

But now we know for sure that Bella was an apartment dog in a multi-story building. I’ve been with dogs, more specifically with two golden retrievers and a half German shepherd/half Irish wolfhound, the first time THEY met an elevator (at the Holiday Inn in Sacramento.) They went NUTS. It was a very memorable ride. Bella, looking as if she owned the place, marched across the lobby of the Ritz on her leash, stopped in front of what looked like a wall, waited until it opened, got on, turned around, waited for the wall to open again, and got off. As our grandson would say, “Easy Peasy.”) No drama.

Oh, and by the way, yesterday the concierge from the hotel showed up at our door with some tiny Milk-Bones and a pink and gray doggy coat for guess who!!

Read about the day Bella was found.