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Dachshund has one of the 25 best costumes at the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade in New York

The lobster dog in a pot

Dachshund dressed as moose for Halloween

Sorry but we preferred the lobster dog to the Dachshund moose.

As a terrible Halloween person, who only twice in her life has ever put together a decent costume, I am totally in awe of these dogs and their wonderfully original and creative outfits.

Browse the Daily Dachshund‘s Halloween archives for more costume inspiration for wiener dogs.

Could a Dachshund take a badger?

Both Dachshunds and Scottish Terriers were bred for badger hunting.
Abby and Charlie
Abby and Charlie by Kyjen Photos, on Flickr

But can you really see the likes of the two dogs above dealing with the two creatures below?

Badgers in beech woods September 2010 Richard Hopkns

Badgers in beech woods September 2010 Richard Hopkns by rehopkins, on Flickr

That’s the question being discussed at — where else? — the Carnivora forum, where they note that the dogs’ job was to flush the badgers out not necessarily to take them down. Here’s a long-ago Dachshund at work hunting.

Dachshund confronting a badger