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Huzzah! A beefcake Dachshund calendar

Beefcake Dachshund Calendar - Huzzah!

In the latest edition of our ongoing series on men’s men and their girly dogs, the Daily Dachshund and Dog News presents Ricky Alvarez photographed with his wiener dogs Mimi, Chico, Tina and Lucy. He and other local Miami business professionals posed with their pets around the Biltmore Hotel on Sunday, Sept. 12, 2010, for a calendar that will be sold to benefit the Miami-Dade animal shelters to prevent the need to euthanize the rescued animals. If you are interested in purchasing a calendar, please email Lisette Valdes, calendar founder, at

In England, stolen Dachshund puppy was living almost next door

Rolo the wiener puppy was taken by thieves who clearly didn't think things through.

It seems that Doxie thieves are not that bright, whether they are in Florida or across the pond in Shoebury, Essex where the” burglars next door” are believed to have opened an unlocked back door during the night and stolen 11-week-old Rolo, who is worth some £600.

The local newspaper, the Echo, reported:

Following a plea for help, the family received an anonymous tip-off from a person who told them the address of where tiny Rolo could be found.

Caroline, a mum-of-two, added: “When we got the phone call from the person telling us where the dog was living, it was just around the corner from us.

“We informed the police about the update, but they said it was not a priority. I was desperate to get Rolo back and one of my friends said he would go round and get her back for us.

Hmm, is there a trend here? The police in Britain certainly appear to be awfully lame when it comes to stolen pets.

Dachshund Rescue Calendar 2011

Okay y’all, get your handkerchiefs out, it’s the 2011 Central Texas Dachshund Calendar featuring wiener dogs who had a “ruff” start in life, but were given a second chance to have a great life thanks to

Here’s Mr. August aka Martin the diving star:

Want more? Go behind the scenes of a puppy photo shoot for the 2009 Central Texas Dachshund Rescue calendar. These four rescue doxies were the puppies of a pregnant Dachshund taken in by CTDR just a few days befoe she gave birth. Caring for pregnant mothers and newborns is very time intensive for Central Texas Dachshund Rescue volunteers. Pregnant rescues need even more love and nurturing to make them feel safe and secure, many for the first time in their lives. Thanks to CTDR all the pups from this litter were happy, healthy, and were all adopted into great forever families.

Provincetown named dog friendliest town in U.S.

The 6th annual DogTown USA contest has named Cape Cod’s Provincetown the best place in the country to be a dog.

So what makes P-town, with just 2,997 human and 551 canine inhabitants, a winner? Is it the drinking fountain about to be installed in from of town hall? Or the water bowls and dog biscuits offered up by just about every local business? Or is it the fact you can bring your pet on a sunset cruise, go whale watching, or take Fido on the para-sailing boat? The answer of course is all of the above.

The Daily Doxie wonders if these three wiener dogs, who look like tourists, were para-sailers or sunset cruisers.

Three doxies, Provincetown, MA

Three doxies, Provincetown, MA by Lorianne DiSabato on Flickr

Dachshund thief had history of shelter thefts

One of the dumb Dachshund thieves, arrested last month for stealing two wiener dogs and three pit-bulls from a Florida animal shelter, has been charged with another theft, which took place at the same shelter five weeks earlier.

Juan Carlos Claudio said after his arrest that he took the dogs with the intention of selling them so he could repay a debt, deputies told Hernando Today.

Calling all Dachshund and FarmVille fans

Okay, we’ll confess: All the Daily Doxie knows about FarmVille is that it’s out there and a lot of people can’t get enough of it. And, presumably, those people include Dachshund lovers, who will be glad to know that “in the near future, FarmVille will be adding an adorable trio of Dachshund puppies to FarmVille’s selection of dogs. Dachshunds, wiener dogs, hot dog dogs, sausage dogs, it’s all the same lovable companion despite what name you call them by, and soon you can have your very own in FarmVille. ”

Here they are. Put them on your farm or whatever it is you do with them:

FarmVille Dachshunds

Fox reporter bitten by racing wiener dog

Assigned to cover Cincinnati’s Oktoberfest, Meghan Mongillo encountered danger while reporting on the wiener dog racers:

While wearing my dirndl and chicken hat I was assigned to interview Charlie, a dachshund wearing a hot dog bun costume, who happened to be the two-time defending champion of the annual wiener dog race.  So there I was, chatting with Charlie’s owner, minutes before going live on the FOX19 morning news, when Charlie transformed into Chuckie the Terrible.  It turns out that Chuckie the Terrible likes fingers, so much so that when he bit mine he wouldn’t let go for what seemed like an eternity but was actually more like 5 seconds.  Here’s the damage.  You can see his tooth mark and how he ripped off the skin.

Charlie must have lost his focus as he went on to lose the race and his title: