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Two Florida Dachshunds have trust funds

The News-Press has a good report on why pet trusts are important:

A professionally drafted pet trust is vital to responsible pet ownership for several reasons: First, it ensures the well-being of your pet. Second, it reduces the burden orphaned pets put on organizations like the humane society, which ends up taking responsibility for them. Third, a trust is more secure than a clause in your will, which is an ambulatory document that can be changed, both Meek and Reed explained.

Staying home tonight? Watch Unlikely Animal Friends

It’s a new National Geographic documentary featuring, as the title says, strange BFFs. It includes the YouTube celebrity, Christian the lion, along with his trainers, John and Ace, an unlikely trio if ever there was one. And then there’s lots of other strange comrades including a baby hippo and a giant tortoise, a lioness and a baby oryx, an orangutan and a hound dog and more. Tonight at 8PM ET/PT.

Fierce Dachshund saves terrier buddy from eagles

Okay, maybe of all the websites out there, the Daily Doxie should not be the one to say this, but we were just a little bit surprised by the hero and victim roles in this real-life drama. In all honesty, we would have expected it to be the other way around– with the Jack Russell protecting the wiener dog when eagles attacked.

Trip Trubee, who lives 100 yards from the nest, was not home on the summer day one of the fledglings made its first foray, but he’d left his dogs outside in the fenced back yard. That turned out to be not such a good idea — a Jack Russell terrier apparently looks a lot like an ice cream cone to a bald eagle.

Neighbors heard the barking but thought little of it. When Trubee got home, the racket was still going on. He went out back to find his dachshund Dicky in a rage, barking into the woods, and his Jack Russell Moby cowering on the ground, bleeding.

When Trubee probed the tree line to investigate, out hopped a young eagle that took flight for safety. The Jack Russell had more than 20 puncture wounds from repeated eagle attacks, Trubee said, and appears to owe its life to the brave dachshund that fought off the intruder.

Bravo Dicky, Moby definitely owes you one.

Life as a college dorm Dachshund

Harrison may seem like just a regular wiener dog to students at North Idaho College, but if they’re trying to sneak alcohol into the residence halls they better be careful.

Harrison has other duties besides serving as a loving pet in the halls of the dorms, but also as a Residence Life staff member on crime patrol.

Harrison has tipped off the RA staff on many busts while out on his walks. He is a very observant creature.

When Czirr, Harrison and Larry go outside, it has happened more than once that Harrison has pointed out students trying to sneak in alcohol.

Last winter during Christmas break, the dogs were playing catch with Czirr down the long hall when Harrison suddenly stopped at one room. Czirr thought that was interesting and went to check the room. It was discovered that a resident had broken into his room when the dorms were shut down.

Wonder how he manages to stay so popular given all this.

Beloved Dachshund killed in car accident

The Northumberland Gazette reports:

A heartbroken elderly couple have told of their devastation after a beloved family pet was killed in an horrific car collision in Alnwick. Audrey and Ralph Hills, of Westfield Road, Berwick, have revealed they are “bereft” at the death of their 15½-year-old miniature dachshund, Bracken, who was like a child to them.

The Daily Dachshund offers our sympathies.

Airlines guarantees passage for dogs in this carrier

U.S. Airlines, including American, Delta and Southwest have gotten together with Sherpa Pet Group to create a carrier that will fit under the seats of all their planes. Dogs in these carriers are guaranteed passage or you get your money back.

It’s not first class, but the Daily Doxie thinks it’s probably better than the last row up against the bathrooms.