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Wiener dog survives dangerous onion overdose

A summer barbeque turned life threatening for a North Carolina Dachshund:

A great time was had by all – until one of the kebabs landed on the ground. The Princes’ 2 1/2-year-old, 15-pound dachshund, Rommel, rushed in and gobbled down a roasted onion.

Big mistake: In no time, the dog was deathly ill. The Princes had to rush Rommel to the Animal Emergency and Trauma Hospital of Wilmington, at 5333 Oleander Drive.

This story ends happily, Rommel made a total recovery. To do so, however, the dog spent several days at the emergency hospital and at Topsail Animal Hospital. Meanwhile, a quick Internet search showed the Princes they were lucky.

Onions are extremely toxic to dogs in any form: raw, cooked, powdered or dehydrated. Onions contain a chemical called thiosulphate which is harmless to people; however, dogs (and cats) lack the ability to digest it. In a dog’s body, it can cause red blood cells to rupture, leading to a potentially life-threatening form of anemia. Eating a little pizza with onions, or a bit of onion might not be harmful, since thiosulphate’s effects are dose-dependent. Eat enough, however, and the animal might soon show vomiting and diarrhea.

Proud Grandma to two mini-Dachshund boys!!!

Being that we have no human children, our wiener dogs are treated like grandchildren by our respective parents. My mom came to town this weekend for a visit and she couldn’t wait to see her “grandwienies.” We took them to the beach, mom gave them both baths, and of course, cradled them like babies. Too fun. Here are some photos.

Wiener Dog Birthday!

On Sunday, July 19 my oldest “son” Gary turns 9. We had an early birthday party for him while we were visiting Scott’s parent’s last week.
He had a great time – cake, presents, and all!
Happy birthday, Big Guy!

Bathtime at the Daily Dachshund and Dog News

Bathtime, originally uploaded by nooooooooop.

Updated: A commenter pointed out two other great shots of bathing Dachshunds at Flickr. Here’s one of them. For the other, you’ll have to follow the link in the comments.

Laika no banho, originally uploaded by A. Moura.

Inspired, the Daily Doxie decided to check out bathing wiener dogs on YouTube. This guy Boz seems so prenaturally calm, you’d think someone had slipped him a rufi.

Worried about Boz’ well-being, we scoured YouTube for signs of potential abuse and found that he’s a well cared for LA canine who practices agility in his spare time. We also turned up this video of Boz frolicking in yet another fancy water chamber. According to his owner and videographer, “He’d spend all day splashing and floating if I let him!”