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The Daily Dachshund is on hiatus

Update: The Daily Doxie is coming back and we’ll be new and improved. Sorry if you wrote and we haven’t gotten back to you yet. things have been more hectic than planned here.

Please don’t worry. Nothing is wrong. We’ve just come to a realization that we’ll explain at length in a few days.

We can, however, tell you that we’re looking for a Dachshund-owning blogger to partner with. Please contact if you’re that person.

Enjoy the first few days of spring.

Blue Dachshunds: A rescue story

Thanks to Southern California Dachshund Rescue, the Daily Doxie has just learned what a “blue” Dachshund is. The blue wiener dog “is the result of a recessive gene in a black and tan dachshund. Typically, blue dachshunds lose most of their fur after their first birthday. They need sweaters in cool weather and sun-block if they are going to be outside in the sun for more than a few minutes. They sunburn easily.” Read the touching rescue story of the Blues Brothers.

Here’s another Dachshund rescue organization in SoCal along with the LA Doxies meet-up group.

If you would like your wiener dog rescue information listed please contact the Daily Doxie.