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Paralyzed Dachshund works as therapy wiener dog

South Florida’s Sun-Sentinel reports:

Dachsie Lance, from Miami, had a spinal condition that caused him to lose function in his back legs. Although he could not be helped through surgery, the veterinarians at the university suggested Lance get a doggie wheelchair and instructed his owner, Claudia Machado, how to care for him.

When he isn’t chasing his Frisbee, Lance today works as a certified therapy dog at Miami Children’s Hospital and other medical facilities. Read on for the heartwarming details.

Lance sounds like a canine Helen Keller to the Daily Dachshund and Dog News. Bravo, little guy!

Doxie-mix pup left outside Macy’s gets foster home

WOAI reports:

Macy, a 5-week-old Dachshund-mix, was found outside the Macy’s store at Rolling Oaks Mall Tuesday. A kind-hearted San Antonio Police officer took Macy to the Animal Defense League. The veterinarians there found she was suffering from heat exhaustion and dehydration and immediately began treating her.

Macy was doing well enough by Thursday, she was allowed to go home with a loving foster family.

How a wiener dog/terrier mix found his new home

Even though she swore she’d never get another puppy, she did:

I went back to work and I just kept thinking about that little dog in the shelter. I had put a hold on “Cletus” – the unfortunate moniker someone had given him. When I called back someone was actually in the shelter and interested in the dog. “What are they like?” I asked – prepared to let him go to a happy family with happy children.

The couple was nice enough, but they seemed a little snooty, the staff member said. “I’ll be there at 3,” I told her.

Chinese food delivery woman rescues Dachshund

The Bellingham Herald reports on a rescued Seattle wiener dog:

(Restaurant owner Ginger) Luke’s efforts started after (her husband) heard a barking dog in the background every time he made a food delivery to a nearby apartment. When Luke handled the next delivery herself, she asked the owner about the dog. She was told it was a mean dog that was kept locked in the bathroom because it needed to be put down.

Luke carefully opened the bathroom door. A flash of dachshund streaked from the room and into her arms. The dog’s collar was so tight it was embedded in his neck. Luke had to shell out $50 before the man would let her take the dog.

She got the dog cleaned up, e-mailed 40 friends and found it a home.

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Dog Detective solves case of missing Chihuahua

Since she hung out her pet detective shingle last summer, Ronda Fraser of Kitchener, Ontario estimates she’s solved 30 of the 40 cases she’s worked on.,

“You have to think like a dog,” Ms. Fraser, who gets help reuniting pets with their owners from her standard poodle, told the Globe and Mail newspaper.

Read all about how she tracked down the Ottawa Chihuahua who got lost during a blizzard.