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Doxies and other dogs return to High Park

Daily Dachshund and Dog News Exclusive

Wiener dogs, Sophie and Otis, returned to High Park yesterday where they frolicked with a big buddy.

The Daily Doxie spoke with their owner, who said she’s not nervous about another poisoning incident but will watch her wieners more closely than usual as low-slung dogs do have their noses to the ground. She figures this was a one-time affair and it’s over.

Meanwhile in accidental poisoning news, a vet discusses three products responsible for a lot of the dog poisoning cases he sees: Chocolate, chewing gum and rodenticides.

Read previous coverage of the Toronto pet poisonings.

Murder suspect’s Dachshunds up for adoption

The Eureka Reporter in northern California has a truly bizarre Dachshund rescue story. (Scroll down past the kittens)

“We call that one Sausage,” Jolynne Jarman said as a heavy-set black dachshund ran around the yard.

Jarman, an employee of Miranda’s Rescue in Fortuna, has been helping care for Sausage the dachshund and 16 others that Shannon Miranda rescued from a home in Fortuna on Thursday.

The dogs were part of a rescue of dachshunds that belonged to Chad Larsen — who was recently arrested on suspicion of conspiracy and solicitation to commit murder.

Miranda said he is holding on to a few of the dogs for when Larsen gets out of jail, but the rest need to find homes.

“I don’t think they were pet and played with,” he said as they ran up to him for some pats of affection.

Why on earth is the rescuer holding on to even one dog for Larsen?

Toronto dog poisonings hit too close to home

When I was in Toronto earlier this week, this story was all over the headlines. Unfortunately there is a personal Dachshund connection as my stepsister takes her two mini longhair wiener dogs to High Park every morning. I’ve asked her to give an exclusive interview to the Daily Doxie but, in the mean time, here’s what the Globe and Mail is reporting today:

The damage, whoever did it, was done last weekend, when six dogs visited the park and promptly fell ill. Two died and the others are recovering after emergency treatment.

A police investigation initially focused on water bowls near a fire hydrant, fitted with a tap and used by dog owners to quench their pets’ thirst, atop Dog Hill, the heart of the park’s large leash-free area. Later in the week, that theory was discounted and a loaf of chemical-laced whole-wheat bread was found near the 101-plot allotment gardens, which sit cheek-by-jowl with Dog Hill, inside the leash-free zone.

New Doxie book for kids: Itty Bitty Saves the Day

The wiener dog books for kids just keep coming. The Ventura County Star describes, the latest one, “Itty Bitty Saves the Day” by Armando N. Garza:

(It) is a heartwarming picture book about a little Dachshund puppy that is born with special needs. Through tender care from his owner, MaryAnn, Itty Bitty is soon strong enough to eat alongside his brothers and sister. Itty Bitty is the runt of the litter, though, and has very BIG feet. He tries to keep up with his brothers and sister, but is just not strong enough. All of the puppies seem to be growing up big and strong, except for Itty Bitty. But then, one beautiful, sunny day, Itty Bitty finds his doggie family in the middle of an emergency. Itty Bitty’s size works to his advantage, and through his heroic actions he is able to save the day for his family.

Itty Bitty contains real photos like the one above, which show just how itty bitty he realy is. More info. on the book can be found here and to read the Daily Doxie’s coverage of other wiener dog books, just click on the lable below.

Baby Seal + Wiener Dog = Cute Photo

Also, Baby Seal + Wiener Dog = Bad Judgment

As the Tacoma News Tribune report says:

Repeat after me: Wild baby seals should not be “rescued” off some beach and taken to your home.

Not even when they look so cute they give you a big case of the “aaaaawwwws.” Not even if you see them lying on a beach with their mothers nowhere in sight and you’re convinced those adorable blobs of helplessness need rescuing. Not even after you look at this photo and think: “Is there anything in the world cuter than a baby seal and a wiener dog living in harmony?”