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Firefighters Resuscitate Choking Dachshund

International Fire Fighting News reports:

Flynn said he’d never learned how to resuscitate a choking dog, but he applied the same techniques that he uses on infants.

He and other firefighters thumped the dog on the back, hoping to dislodge the meat. They also performed the Heimlich maneuver repeatedly.

When that didn’t work, Flynn put his mouth over the dog’s tiny nose and tried to force air into his lungs.

“The fourth time I did it, I felt the air go into his lungs,” he said.

Daily Dachshund will be back May 29th

Crimson rafting, originally uploaded by scubaham.

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Get ready for big Moscow soccer match

Since we’ve got a bit of a Russian theme going on today, Daily Doxie would like to dedicate this next video to all those wiener dog-loving tovariches, who also have a thing for soccer. We’re Canadian so we really don’t get why they’re playing the all English final in Moscow, but give us a vodka or two and it’ll all start to make sense.

P.S. The super athlete of a Dachshund in the video is Japanese.

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The stray dogs of Moscow’s Metro

The Wall street Journal looks at how the lives of today’s stray dogs compares to conditions under communism:

In Soviet times, dogs were barred from Moscow’s metro. Today, however, they are so common there — curling up on empty seats, nuzzling their neighbors, lounging in stations — that there is even a Web site devoted to them:

No Dachshunds sighted so far.

And while we’re on the subject of Russian dogs, the Daily Doxie‘s sister site, theScottie News, gained much attention for its big scoop on Vladimir Putin’s secret poodle.

Times of London names top 10 dog movies ever

1. Old Yeller, 1957. “Be warned – it’s a weepy.”
2. Best in Show, 2000. “Hilarious mockumentary.”
3. Lassie Come Home, 1943. With a young Elizabeth Taylor.
4. Rin Tin Tin, 1954. Best of 48 Rin Tin Tin flicks.
5. Legally Blonde 2, 2003.
6. The Wizard of Oz, 1939. “I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too!”
7. Rescued by Rover, 1905. “Shot on a budget of £7 13s 6d, it marked a key stage in the development of narrative editing.”
8. Cujo, 1983. “It all ends nastily for Cujo with a baseball bat.”
9. Cats & Dogs, 2001. “Dogs are the heroes, cats are the villains. Could it be any other way?”
10. Beethoven, 1992.

Read the whole thing for all the details.