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Marshmallow Dachshund by Kitchen Retro

Continuing our look at edible Dachshunds, the Daily Doxie is bringing you a marshmallow wiener dog courtesy of Kitchen Retro.

This blog seems to have developed something of a specialty in marshmallow animals including the piglet, a favourite with Daily Doxie readers. Here, however, the little oinker is paired with a lamb and not a Dachshund family.

Previous edible wiener dog coverage includes cake and charcuterie.

In Atlanta, 18 rescue Dachshunds need homes

Kristin of DREAM Dachshund writes about her current challenge, placing 18 wiener dogs from a breeder who is retiring:

It’s no easy task to find foster spaces for 18 dogs. Then we also have to find 18 vetting appointments, coordinate all of the logistics of getting them vetted, and getting them back, and getting them back to foster homes, and paying the bills, and figuring out how to get them transported the longer distances to rescues outside of the Atlanta area. All assuming they do not have health issues, which they probably do.

Wish us luck, and send us ideas.

Dog acupuncture business is booming

Bea, an elderly Dachshund, gets treatments from Olahoma veterinarian, Rebecca Coleman. The Daily O’Collegian reports:

Coleman specializes in acupuncture treatments because of the recent demand. Although many veterinarians perform surgeries and diagnose illnesses throughout the day, Coleman spends about 80 percent of her time with acupuncture patients. Since there is more information available to dog owners about alternative options, Coleman isn’t surprised about the spike in demand.

“So many drugs have been released that ended up being dangerous, and honestly because of the Internet, people are much more aware of what’s going on and what their alternatives might be,” Coleman said. “Ten years ago I hardly had anyone come to me asking for acupuncture, and it’s because they didn’t know that it was available.

“Now, 90 percent of my acupuncture patients find me on the internet through organizations that list practitioners in a certain area.”

Here’s a past Daily Doxie story about successful acupuncture treatment of a wiener dog with back problems.

Wiener dog weekend across the USA

It’s the annual Dachshund race in Buda, Texas outside Austin. The video is from last year as we’re still waiting for this year’s chronicles to be uploaded onto YouTube.

Meanwhile, it was also wiener dog festival time in New York City. And once again, here’s what happened last year.


To see all our favourite wiener dog and Dachshund videos, click on the videos label directly below.

Should Dachshunds and babies share toys?

The Daily Dachshund and Dog News admits that it has never taken a “puppy gym” for a test drive, but our first reaction is that this kind of toy probably works a lot better with babies than Dachshunds. And while we do recommend the human version of this contraption for babies, we find this whole scene a little weird, but maybe it’s just us.

Dachshund Playah*: Doxie knocks up Rottweiler

Ok, this news about a Dachshund who impregnated a Rottweiler is almost a year old, but the Daily Doxie figures if we’d never heard about it maybe you hadn’t either.

The British newspaper the Sun reported:

Jimmy really scaled the heights of passion to get giant mutt Helga pregnant.

Owners Alan and Louise Crowshaw had assumed a male rottweiler called Romeo was responsible but were stunned when Helga’s six pups looked just like 11-month-old Jimmy.

Meanwhile over at Oliver Willis’ blog — whose headline was so good* we just had to borrow it, a commenter notes that there’s a great line about such matings: “Someone must have put him up to it.”

And yet another of Willis’ commenters claims that his Dachshund once got a German Shepherd pregnant. Doesn’t sound like it’s the first time he’s boasted about his Macho sausage dog either.

Now, back to looking for Dachshund election campaign news.