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Goshan and his beloved afair by Nickolas Titkov on Flickr

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Boston wiener wins America’s top dog

This past weekend, the Wall Street Journal awarded the prize for America’s top hot dog to Speed’s of Boston.

So how does (the chef) coax such wonderful flavor out of a commercial half-pound dog?

Speed confides that he marinates the dog, supplied by a local company called Pearl, in apple cider and brown sugar. Then he grills it over charcoal. Actually, this octogenarian entrepreneur lets his young apprentices handle the dogs under his watchful eye. They also toast the buns.

By legend, the piquant relish he supplies along with raw onions and beanless chili to pack into his split 8-inch Kosher-style sausages, is another Speed treasure made by the man himself.

those of us that don’t live in Boston will have to make do with the dog T-shirt: Best HotDog in town.

In India, top cop gets his wiener dog back

It’s rare that we get major Dachshund news from from India so we’re happy that this story is the exception to the no-news-is-good news rule and that we can report that Delhi Police commissioner Yudhbir Singh Dadwal now has his favourite dog back after she went missing for four days.

Posters, like the one shown, were plastered all over the city and a reward of 10,000 Rupees ($US250) was offered.

The Times of India reports that Toto looked weak and was taken to a hospital. The newspaper also learnt that the reward was given to the man who found the dog whose name has not been revealed.

Toto went missing on the night of March 25-26 from Dadwal’s residence on Satya Marg in Chanakyapuri.

Kentucky Dachshund saves woman’s life

The Ledger Independent of Maysville reports:

BROOKSVILLE — She had once thought about finding another home for her little dog, but after it saved her life Thursday night a Bracken County woman believes she will keep her Dachshund for a long time.

“The dog began carrying on and woke her up. That was when she discovered the home was filled with smoke,” said Judy Cooper, a Red Cross representative. “She said if it hadn’t been for that dog she would have never gotten out and slept right through.”

Both Republicans, Democrats love Dachshunds

Washington’s most famous inter-party couple — Mary Matalin, the GOP adviser to both Bushes and Vice President Dick Cheney, and her husband James Carville, the Clinton adviser — are animal lovers with eight cats and five dogs including two Dachshunds.

Carville told US News and World Report:

that following the recent death of his fave Cavalier King Charles spaniel, “I haven’t been the same since. I just find it hard to transfer my affections, and I was pretty close to this one.” Mary playfully calls them “frou-frou dogs with bows in their hair that just brought out a different part of him.” He’s getting over it now thanks to one of their two miniature dachshunds. “I like that dog,” fesses Carville. “Dogs are like people . . . some dogs you just like better than others.”

See the full-sized version of Architectural Digest‘s house and dog photos here.

Mini-Dachshund changes man’s self image

Pixie, a mini-wirehaired wiener dog, didn’t make it as a show dog because her neck and everything else about her is is too small.

In a lovely story, her owner Kevin Nolan writes:

She’s so tiny it can be visually jarring, even to me at times. I never thought I’d own a dog this small–a pocket dog, a frou-frou dog, whatever you want to call it. I always thought that when I got around to owning a dog I’d get, well, a bigger breed: a retriever, a shepherd, something like that. But I’ve grown to appreciate little dogs, and my wife and I have slowly become versions of a ghastly Park Slope stereotype: anthropomorphizing pet owners.

Pixie is the second wirehaired mini-Doxie from New York that we’ve featured at the Daily Dachshund and Dog News this week. Lucia, the Bergdorf Goodman cover bitch, was the first, but no need to worry, readers in Flyover country, we’re not going to go all Uptown or Park Slope on you. We’ll continue to write about 12-Dachshund families in Texas and big-hearted midwestern farm Doxies willing to take in a piglet.

And as for Kevin, who’s come a long way but still has small wiener dog issues, he can take comfort in knowing that he’s not alone. Outside of Park Slope, real men are proud to pose with their Dachshunds.

Rags to riches for rescue Dachshund, Lucia

We hear fairly regularly about rescue dogs who end up famous and/or living in the lap of luxury. The latest Dachshund to strike it lucky is Lucia Lagrima who is featured on the cover of Bergdorf Goodman’s spring 2008 fashion magazine.

Just goes to show that if you’re rescued by the Westchester SPCA and adopted by famous doggy songwriter who dedicates songs to you, the sky’s the limit. We’re betting Lucia will soon be appearing on Gossip Girl.

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News has the great story of a rags-to-riches Scottie. Read more Doxie rescue tales by clicking on the button directly below.