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Time for some tough working Dachshunds

Apologies to those of you out there who’ve been alienated by our recent New York-centric, high society coverage. We didn’t intend it but sometimes these things happen and before you know it, it’s all “Madison Avenue Maxi,” Brooke Astor and her doxies, and Sexy Beast fragrance for dogs who work near Wall Street.

The Daily Dachshund and Dog News know that there are Dachshunds out there who work for a living, and no one covers them better than the macho Terrier Man with his Daily Dose.

We’d like to see him strolling down Madison Avenue with his dogs and a rifle or two.

More macho Dachshund news from Illinois where wiener dogs routinely hunt deer.

A sexy beast but too bad about the smell

The New York Times reports

“If you have a dog sitting on your desk, it’s always better if he has a nice scent,” said Gail Marcus, 60, who brings her dog, an 8½-pound Pomeranian named Nicky, to her office in Long Island City, Queens. (Nicky may have a small body “but he has a lot of coat,” she explained.)

Ms. Marcus sprays him with a scent called Sexy Beast, which she discovered at Henri Bendel’s about a year ago for $65 for a 3.4-ounce bottle. (There is also a limited holiday bling version of Sexy Beast, with encrusted Swarovski crystals, which retails for $850.)

We need a Consumer Reports style test for this to see if it actually works. And, oh yeah, it’s 100% vegan, according to the website.

Two Doxie blogs we recommend

The Long and Short of It All has some great stuff, especially photos. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that the author(s) are violating copyright laws like crazy — just grabbing any photos they want and re-using them without permission. Read it while you can because someone may get mad and close ’em down pretty soon.

Life with Jamine, our rescue dachshund
is the sweet, sweet tale of the slow process of making a once-abused dog whole. Jasmine the Doxie has made a lot of progress but still has a way to go. While she’s bonded with her mistress, we’re still waiting for her to fully accept the man of the house.

Is that a squirrel?!?

Is That a Squirrel?!?, originally uploaded by geckoam.


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Blind Dachshund video climbs YouTube charts

The Daily Dachshund and Dog News posted a link to the Rolling Dog Ranch animal sanctuary and its video of Callie the blind dachshund last week. Turns out the ranch has been getting quite a bit of media attention lately. Here’s the latest scoop and the video, which has proved a YouTube hit.


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Why we love those London tabs

The Sun reports:

PECKISH pooch Taffy needed emergency surgery to remove a pair of underpants from his gut — the 40TH pair he has gobbled.

The Springer Spaniel pup got the kids’ briefs stuck in his stomach after finding them on the floor.

Owner Eubie Saayman, 34 — a vet — performed the two-hour op.

Eubie, of Tamworth, Staffs, said 18-month-old Taffy has also eaten 300 socks, 15 pairs of shoes and a Mercedes key fob.