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Otus does not approve of dog costumes

A reader writes to Otus at the Arkansas Democrat Gazette for advice about her dachshund’s Halloween costume:

Dear Otus,
Our cat, Mr. Snuggums Whiskers III, is very handsome with an Elvis wig and rhinestone sunglasses, and our dachshund, Baron Barkum von Wienerdag, is really cute as a caterpillar with wiggly antennae. We’ve had them wear the same costumes for the past three years. My questions are these: Should we change out the costumes this Halloween ? Do dogs and cats get weary of wearing the same old thing?

Otus suggests that they should not wear any costumes. Period.

The Daily Doxie, on the other hand, urges Otus to open his mind. There is nothing at all undignified about this masculine outdoorsy look, which we think would work well for even the most costume-averse wiener dogs.

Dachshund Halloween, originally uploaded by nutmegknitter.

Rescued from a puppy mill: Mona Lisa’s story

She was rescued by DRNA back in March along with about 50 other dogs from a terrible mill in West Virginia. She is 7 years old and had been used as a breeder and stuck in a tiny cage for all those years. The cages were piled up on top of each other, and the dog’s waste would drop down into the cage below…

When she first came to my home she bonded right away with my hyper 3 year old short-hair, Poppy. Poppy seems to know Mona needs extra help. At first Mona would hide, cringe, and literally scream when we came near her. I feel she still has a long way to go as she is still very skittish around my husband and strangers, but as you can see in her picture, she is always smiling, giving kisses, rolling on the ground, and LOVES to eat.

Dachshund Rescue of North America

Dachshund breeders in Canada: Longhaired, wirehaired and smooth coats; miniature and standard sizes

This list of breeders of smooth haired, wirehair and longhair(organized alphabetically by province) is far from comprehensive and should not be taken as an endorsement of any of the breeders listed. Nor are we aware whether the breeders listed currently have Dachshund puppies for sale.

The Daily Dachshund and Dog News will consider listing you on our site if you send the relevant information to In return, we ask that you link to us so that interested Doxie owners and prospective owners can get a daily fix of wiener dog news.

While we have done our best to check that there are absolutely no puppy mills on this list, if you have any information to the contrary, please let us know and we will investigate immediately.


Miniature smooth:
Blum’N’harts Dachshunds

Miniature longhaired:

Miniature wirehaired:
Stalwart Kennels

Standard smooth haired:
Ironwill Reg’d

Standard longhaired:
Tecknique Perm Reg’d

Standard wirehaired:
Withensea Kennels

British Columbia

Miniature smooth and longhaired:
Heavenly Hund Kennel Reg AKC/CKC

Miniature and standard wirehaired:
Matsutake Kennels

Standard smooth haired and longhaired:
Ted and Karen Brunner


Miniature Smooth:
Prairie Gold Reg’d

Miniature longhaired:
Shamorra Miniature Longhaired Dachshunds

Standard Smooth:

Standard and miniature longhaired:
Brandachs Kennel Perm Reg’d

Standard Wirehaired:
Doug and Heather Keenes

New Brunswick

Miniature wirehaired:
Genson Kennel Perm Reg CKC

Newfoundland and Labrador

Standard Wirehaired:
Harbour Deep

Nova Scotia

Miniature smooth:
Curchview Reg’d miniature dachshunds

Miniature longhaired:

Miniature wirehaired and standard smooth:


Miniature smooth and longhaired:
Grand Gables

Miniature Wirehaired:
Prelude Kennel

Standard smooth haired:
Adler Horst’s Kennel Reg’d

Standard longhaired:
Abbadox Reg’d
Phone Number: 519-853-9070

Standard Wirehaired:
Grinzing Reg’d

Prince Edward Island

Standard Smooth:
Dustnee Reg’d


Miniature Smooth:
Flammeridge Reg’d

Miniature wirehaired:
Myanka Reg’d

Standard Smooth:

Standard longhaired:
Tokelry Kennels Reg’d


Miniature Smooth:
Magic Mist Reg’d

Miniature Longhaired:
Gran Kennels

Standard smooth and wirehaired:
Wiretap Dachshunds

Standard longhaired:
Raintree (Perm. Reg.) Kennel

Dachshund sprints too fast to believe

Two-year-old Jack runs so quickly that organizers of wiener dog races demanded his papers to make sure he was 100% Dachshund and not some kind of Greyhound hybrid.

Jack recently qualified for one of the biggest doxie dog races in Southern California, to be waged Oct. 25 at halftime of a Los Angeles Lakers-Utah Jazz pre-season game in San Diego.

While Jack trains by chasing balls, Alfie keeps in shape by going after Rottweilers.


To see all our favourite wiener dog and Dachshund videos, click on the videos label above.

Dog books are hot

Writes Rebecca Young of the Tacoma News Tribune:
“These days, canines are trendy, and adults are purchasing and reading more dog books for pleasure and information and buying more for their children. In response, publishers are churning out titles that focus on America’s favorite pet.

Among the new crop of dog books is “May I Pet Your Dog?” by Stephanie Calmenson, illustrated by Jan Ormerod. Calmenson’s dachshund Harry narrates, walking a boy through scenarios – frisky dog, big gentle dog and snarly dog. Each time the boy makes sure to ask before touching (Clarion Books; $9.95, ages 3-8).”

Here’s a list of more Dachshund books for kids.