Dachshunds figure in winter sports controversy

Last week the Dachshund News brought you the story of opposition to wiener dog ice racing. This week it’s another dangerous winter sport involving Dachshunds.

We’ve left a note asking the director of this video to check in and explain the special effects.

While we wait, consider this. Apparently, the wiener dog ice races were a big success and raised $5000 for the Ryan Newman Foundation, which encourages people to spay/neuter their pets and to adopt dogs and cats from animal shelters.

4 thoughts on “Dachshunds figure in winter sports controversy

  1. mairead

    Not impressed why do people not just have them as PETS
    naughty owners or cruel owners you choose!!!

  2. Tracy

    That idiot should be charged with animal cruelty!!!! How ignore is this person?!?!?! Responsible Dachshund owners don’t put their dogs in jeopardy of hurting their backs by pulling ANYTHING. Not to mention the chance of them becoming paralyzed &/or hit by cars. The idiot is setting a pretty bad example to the kid. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME!!!

  3. Deb

    Where are the parents of this kid?!! They should know about a breed before even getting any dog. The child does not have a good example of responsibility- this is something that you NEVER, NEVER do!!!
    I hope someone has been able to contact these people somehow and been able to get it across to their brains that they are damaging their dogs backs- who will be paralyzed first??? This isn’t an ‘if’ they will be paralyzed’, it is ‘when’.

  4. cheryl

    Susan G Komen presnets its 3rd annual Dachshunds Dash for the Cure. All proceeds to help fight breast cancer and to help thoes who are diagnoised help with rides to dr visits, wigs , etc. 32+ Dachshunds race for the Grand Champion title and For the fastest track title. All doxies must be tru dachshunds , but not necessary to be hav e registered paperwork duet o rescues All dogs must be up todate on vaccines including kennel cough wether you board or not . All records are vet checked as well as vet on site day of races for a short health check free of charge prior to racing. Large crowds , pet related vendors welcomed. (anything with in pet related welcome). Discounts at local hotels for vendors, owners. Breeders welcome and pet rescues welcome for adopting out.. September 14,2013 gates open at 5:00pm. Free to public. If the dog you pick wins his/her heat you get a t-shirt designed for the race with the back stating “I picked the weiner of the race” (trademarked). Food available as well . Trophies for first 3 places , plaque for fast track champ. For more information email floatnurse20@msn.com or 812-466-6938 or visit website.Visit youtube Dacshunds Dash for the Cure to see our raced.

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