10-year-old Oregon Dachshund abandoned in park

The Curry Coastal Pilot has the full story on the wiener dog and his canine companion who were found in Brookings, Oregon:

Brookings Police were called when a Fred Meyer store employee found a note in the elevator Monday morning. The note asked the finder to rescue her two dogs from Azalea Park.

At about the same time, Brookings Police responded to a report of dogs barking at the park, where they found a Dachshund and a Red Heeler mix tied to a bench with another note indicating that the owner had lost her job and her husband wouldn’t pay to feed them any more.

The dogs, which shelter volunteers have named Guy and Sandy, are 10 or 11 years old, and both are housebroken and healthy except for ear infections, Powers said.

While it is not clear what will happen to Guy and his friend, if you are looking for a rescue wiener dog in Oregon, try Oregon Dachshund Rescue.